Until 1960, Satvinder “Steve” Singh, operated his own retail store in Udon Than, near the Vietnam border. He specialized in fabrics such as chiffon and cotton, and over the course of his career, he earned a reputation for quality and service. During the Vietnam War, there were many American GIs deployed in Thailand. These soldiers were helping to fight the communists in the country, and they needed clothes, which Steve and his cousins provided, setting up a branch store near the American base. As the first tailor to do so, he won over a great deal of business early on, providing suits, shirts, and trousers to colonels, generals, and majors.

Eventually, the war forced Steve out of Udon Thani, and in 1962, he relocated to Nakhon Phanom. Forced to abandon his savings and his stock, he started his business over from scratch, setting up his ship outside another American base. The war at its peak, his business flourished. There were more soldiers arriving every day, and demand was so great that there was often a line just to be measured. Even celebrities like Bob Hope ( who often graced Thailand with his frequent visits) were counted among his customers during this time.

When the war ended, Steve suffered a setback. He considered Pattava, Phuket, and Koh Samui as locations for his new store, settling finally on Bangkok. He poured all his savings into into opening a store in Daimaru, a landmark shopping mall in Bangkok then, only to see the building catch fire soon after. Without any insurance, he was forced to start over once again. At this point, he could only afford to open a store in Sukhumvit 11, selling his fabrics at flea markets on the side.

Here, however, he truly hit his stride, becoming a leader in the bespoke industry and picking up politicians and celebrities as regular customers.

It was a long journey from there to here, but with every setback, Steve learned a little bit more about this industry, picking up knowledge that he would use to cement his position over time. Because of his hard-won experience and wisdom, we are still growing well into the next century, building upon the steady foundation that he set for us.

Patrick & Co Today

After forty years at Sukhumvit 11, we have relocated once again, this time to Thong Lor. Today we are world-renowned as an international bespoke tailoring company, providing classy options for classy customers. Bolstered by our rich history, we continue to uphold the tradition of excellence that Steve set for us so many years ago. Our customers have come to expect us to adhere to a high standard, a high standard for which are proud to be known, and when you come to us, you can be sure that your needs will be met and that you will be taken care of.

It was only through a constant process of building and re-building that our founder, Satvinder “Steve” Singh, was able to eke out the organization that stands before you today. We are committed to upholding the principles on which he always operated. From Udon Than to our current showroom, our goals have remained the same, and we have continued to improve at a steady pace, staying aware of changing trends and yet standing up for the classical hallmarks that separate “class” from “swag.”

For those who understand the difference between “trendy” and “timeless,” we are here and ready to serve you. This is where great clothes are discovered by discerning eyes and where master tailors practice their art, confident that their efforts will not go unnoticed and that in the end, it will all be worth the time and energy spent.